An Island waiting to be discovered!

A magnificent village, spectacular landscapes that capture the soul and enchant senses, just the right amount of relaxation and adventure, moments of pure magic at the sight of nature’s majesty. Carloforte is all of these things.


Evocative atmospheres and hidden treasures

An endless tale

Getting lost in the streets of the historic center of Carloforte is like taking a trip back in time, where history and wonder come together in a timeless experience.
Places that are stories of an ancient past, vibrant notes of color, unmistakable voices and sounds, the embrace of a community proud of its roots. It is impossible to escape from its charm.


Boundless beauty and heavenly visions

Living the sea

The coastal road to the beaches of Carloforte is a string of pearls that reveals postcard views at every turn.
Stunning and overwhelming views that arouse the overwhelming desire to dive into crystal-clear waters and be lulled by the waves while savoring a sense of freedom and serenity that only time spent on the Island can bestow.


Lights dancing on the sea, bright paths to infinity

The route of the ships

Northwest Carloforte is the perfect destination for those on vacation who want to connect with the wilderness and admire the imposing and lonely lighthouse of Cape Sandalwood, a bright sentinel on the ships' route and a silent witness to the passages of curious travelers.

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